Niagara Wine Review: Malivoire Gamay 2011

Malivoire Gamay 2011

Malivoire Gamay 2011

Beamsville, Ontario

Malivoire Gamay 2011
Niagara Peninsula VQA
12.5% alc.

$17.95 LCBO & Winery

Tasting Note:

This light bodied gamay appears the colour of translucent bing cherries. It’s aromas are a mix of cherry syrup, leather, vanilla and rose. The first few sips are all sour cherry candy, followed by some warm spice and vanilla flavours as the wine continues to breath in the glass. This is a pleasant enough sipping wine, but I personally found it too light bodied. If your tastes prefer something a little meatier, try the gamay over at Cave Spring. If you like light bodied wines, then try the truly impressive (and great value) Malivoire Lady Bug Rose ($15.95 LCBO).


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