Cabernet Franc Tuesday

Smiling sunHey what a great idea:  two winemakers in Canada are posting weekly photos of their BC and Niagara Cabernet Franc grapes this season. The project began 3 years ago by Sandra Oldfield of Tinhorn Creek in British Columbia.

This year, Sandra and Brian Schmidt of Vineland Estates Winery in Niagara, have teamed up to showcase their Cabernet Franc. Each week, photos of the same vine and grape cluster are posted side-by-side on Flickr, so that followers can see the seasonal development in the two widely separated regions.

Track each week’s posting on Sandra’s blog. Check out the Flickr photos of the Cab Franc this week! You will see something that looks similar to this:

Grape clusters in early season

Grape clusters in early season.
Photo by Heather Mitchell. Taken in Langley, BC

You are seeing the early development stage of the grape life cycle. The grape berries have already flowered at this point and are laden with hard, green, undeveloped fruit. As July progresses, you will be able see the berries in each cluster grow bigger and begin to soften.

Interestingly, you will not be able to see that these are actually red wine grapes until sometime in August. The process of veraison – when the berry begins to ripen – brings out the sweetness and the colour of the grapes.

Thanks for tracking the Cabernet Franc, Sandra and Brian!


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